Be like a tree . . . with a great root system


What is it to be ‘blessed’?


According to Psalm 1 the ‘Blessed Man or Woman’ is like a tree:

  • Planted by the rivers of water
  • Productive in that he or she brings forth fruit in its season
  • Perennial in that his or her leaf does not wither
  • Prosperous in whatever he or she does


The ‘Blessed Man or Woman’ tends to stand out because:

  • Their character is deeper
  • Their ideas are fresher
  • Their spirit is softer
  • Their courage greater
  • Their leadership is better
  • Their concerns are wider
  • Their compassion is more genuine
  • Their convictions are more concrete


And there is more:

  • They are joyful in spite of difficult circumstances
  • They show wisdom far beyond their years
  • They think out of the box and are full of surprises
  • They have ideas and actions that can be trusted


How can this be so?  What makes all of this possible?

  • Because they have a spiritual root system that goes down to streams of living water!



  • From where does your ‘root system’ draw its life?
  • Have you been too busy with ‘busyness’?
  • Do you know that ‘busyness’ can be closely tied to ‘worldliness’?
  • Have you been caught up with society’s agenda and you’ve neglected being with God?
  • Is it possible that you have allowed your quality time with the Lord to be diminished?


Thoughts to consider:

  • Any way you cut it, a key ingredient to prospering is –time. Not left-over time, not throw-away time, but quality time!
  • Quality time for meditation! Quality time for intimate communion! Unhurried, uninterrupted quality time with the Lord!
  • Blessed times by the ‘rivers of water’ that flow from the Head Waters Himself!






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