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If you are involved in a child’s life and struggling to understand them, exhausted with blindly attempting new teaching and training techniques that may work for one child and not another, and overwhelmed at the idea of maneuvering and guiding them through the challenges of insecurities, peer pressure and low self-esteem that the pre-teen and teen years bring on, now is the time of Discovery.

Each child is created as a unique masterpiece.  

However, what we see of them is sometimes like a disarrayed 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle.  Different aspects of your children are revealed to you like pieces of a puzzle, sometimes, one puzzle piece at a time.  

Does this sound like you?

We all know grown adults that struggle with insecurity, low self-esteem and have no true understanding of their value.   Children that grow up without understanding their personalities, strengths (and weaknesses),  and ‘natural bents’ in life, struggle with comparison, insecurity, condemnation and sadness.  Perhaps you still struggle in those areas as well.  I was in my 40’s before I began to understand who I was, how I was wired, what my natural strengths and weaknesses were, and stopped comparing myself to others trying to see where I ‘fit in.’  Most children who don’t know their worth and value and do not understand their strengths and personalities will suffer from insecurity, rejection and even isolation-which causes deep emotional pain for many years.  We can help the children in our lives avoid that pain by discovering who they are and empowering them in their thinking to accept their natural strengths, weaknesses, personalities and talents as gifts from God.  He created them-they are unique masterpieces-they might as well enjoy who they are.

The Journey

The truth that God creates each and every one of us and we are unique masterpieces and we don’t need to compare ourselves with others to be accepted.  One day, over ten years ago, after attending their first JBQ Meet, my daughters Rachel and Kaitlyn began fighting the battle of insecurity and comparison (against each other), when they were 6 and 5 years old.  Rachel quizzed out and was the high scorer with over 300 points while Kaitlyn came home with zero points.  Both girls had studied very hard and knew all the answers.  However, Rachel was born very competitive and determined to win at everything she was involved with – unlike Kait who was carefree, full of joy, determined to have fun and winning wasn’t a high priority.  However, on the way home, as the reality of their differences began to settle in on them…doubt began to creep into Kait’s heart…like maybe she wasn’t as good as her sister. I had a huge problem and I didn’t know what to do.  One daughter was rejoicing and the other daughter was devastated.  We were in a crisis in our own home-comparision and insecurity entered into my girls’ lives.

We began, that very day, teaching them about their different, unique, natural God-given strengths and personalities and the danger of comparison.  We helped them think through how it felt to be the other one, winning and losing.  We asked questions like, “Who do you think God loves the most?” and “Is Rachel better than Kaitlyn because she can hit a buzzer faster?” Further, we pointed out the reality that since God created each person-and God decided what their strengths were going to be-is is even fair to compare?  That day Rachel decided to NOT think too highly of herself for her great success and Kait chose not to feel less than Rachel-not to compare.

Family_1From that point on, we have made an intentional concerted effort to Discover all our childrens’ unique personalities, giftings and talents and Empower them in their natural ‘bent,’ in the way they should go.  Ten years later, we are still in the midst of it all – raising 7 children ages 18 down to 5 years.  For the most part, our teens are empowered and thriving and our ‘littles’ are in the process of being discovered and empowered.

The Most Important Lesson

If you only listen to one thing, please, take 6-minutes to hear how Insecurity and Comparison Entered Our Home — and what we did about it!

Discover and Empower has really made me, me. But it didn’t really hit until I was a teen.  Growing up, I always put my self-value and worth in achievements.  8th and 9th grades were particularly tough and it was in that time frame that I began to truly understand me.  Obviously, it hasn’t been perfect since, but now I’m able to discover the motives behind my actions, and am empowered with tools to make better decisions.Rachel Schober

I really began to feel empowered with myself, probably when I turned 15.  I truly accepted myself as who I am and didn’t want to spiral back into the abyss of wondering where my self-worth came from.  I then created a YouTube channel where the entire theme is to Stay Legit and BeYou!  I want other people to be able to experience the same type of confidence that I received, knowing that the creator of the universe truly loves me for me, and I don’t have to prove myself to Him.Kaitlyn Schober

Excited to see my sister-in-law launch her latest work! May she help empower you as much as she has helped my family and me. Jennifer you are awesome!Cindy Bell

Jennifer truly is a proverbs 31 lady!Bev Tasker
Family Friend

Love reached me. The love of Jesus that He sent me through His beautiful vessel, Jennifer.Eve Raine

Jennifer has changed my perspective of life with and without peace! God used her story and her life to set me free from performance and stress!! She is my dear friend! Thank you for letting God lead you and work through you, and your willingness to obey. Keep shining! You are a super star!!Magin Gonzalez

Discover and Empower

I am happy to make this online course available for free. I pray that it blesses you and helps you to discover and empower the children that God has placed in your life.

– Jen

Discover your child

Empower Your Child

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