Discover and Empower A Child

A Humbling Video Production Day Today

Here is just a quick update on the Discover and Empower Series. The last month has been EXTREMELY difficult. I have personally been stretched further than I could possibly imagine as I have attempted to create this course. It seemed as if whatever topic I chose to share write about, empowering kindness for example-brought out the exact opposite in my own children-meanness and selfishness. We have gone into overdrive here, in the Schober home, focused on teaching kindness and respect. Although we have had many victories along the way, there seems to be many more battles that need to be won.

My biggest challenge is teaching what I am still learning myself. I know about the tools, resources and insights I have gained along the way-and yet I still sat in a heap of tears today after disciplining one of my children. I know we wrestle not against flesh and blood…and yet it seems to be the flesh and blood people I live with that can bring out the worst in me. Today I experienced deep sorrow and pain over a situation with one of my strong ‘little ones.’  And 2 hours later was video production time!!

For awhile I was tempted to reschedule…but instead, chose to keep my commitment. My perspective of Discovering and Empowering A Child was covered today with humility-as I am still battling some of the very issues I have had victories over in the past.  The tools of Discovery help.  Empowering a child is life changing.  However, it is God’s presence and wisdom-at any given time-that is the only guarantee.  I have done my best.  I have devoted my life to caring for and teaching my children.  I have spent years studying my children, finding tools and resources of discovering and empowering, and still have days that are overshadowed with doubt or concern.

In my Pursuit of Peace I have come to the place where I go to bed at night and contemplate my day and my actions as a wife and mother.  I am at peace with God.  Although I make mistakes at times, I believe God is pleased with the attention and focus I have placed on my children.  I love the good days.  Its so easy to write and share during the good times, when you feel as if you could shout your message from a mountaintop.  Today, I have chosen to write, share and create the video for Discover and Empower A Child from a place of quiet, deeper understanding-that without God’s help-everything else is just ‘words’ and is meaningless.

My prayer is that through all that I do God will get the credit He deserves.  It is only through God that I can do anything good at all.