Another Layer of Healing Today

Today I celebrate recieving my bachelors degree with my most valuable treasures-my children!

Preparing to attend my graduation reception tonight at Texas State and Kait just walked up to me and said, “I am so proud of you Mom, and I am so glad you did not graduate 20 years ago because I probably would not be here today.”
Those words of truth just pierced through 18 years of “a nagging little voice of condemnation” that has plagued me for not completing my bachelors degree…’and just being a mom.’
Oh my goodness…my original plan was to be an electrical engineer and not have any children…Can you see how God rescued me?
The tears keep flowing and sobs keep coming because of the pain of growing up being indoctrinated with “I can do anything and be anything I want and success is measured in degrees and wealth and titles-and women can do anything a man can do.” For nearly 50 years women have been compelled to ‘be successful’ and it causes a great divide within their own minds as they struggle with what that means in our society.
Twenty years ago I never understood the blessings of children! I gratefully thank God He intervened and worked out for my good what I considered a “failure” (not finishing my degree before having children) and gave me what I consider my most valuable treasures, my seven blessings, my children!Family_1

Jennifer Schober continues to be more of an overcomer by the blood of the lamb and the word of her testimony. She is known as Jon’s wife as well as mom to all those wonderful Schober kids, seven in all! She has homeschooled for eleven years and has chosen investing into her family as her full-time career! She can’t stand small talk, but loves deep conversations, speaking life, encouraging and empowering others whenever possible. Her absolute favorite thing in the world to do would be to lay on a beach with a good book.